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Discover how you can boost your career with the 前端Web开发证书 from the College of IT. 该证书旨在帮助您学习许多技能,包括:

  • Web开发
  • 版本控制
  • 脚本和编程
  • Javascript程序
  • 用户界面(UI)设计

With this certificate you are guaranteed admission into a WGU College of IT degree program. 这个证书将为你职业生涯的下一步做好准备, 给你网络开发的技能和经验, 并在你的简历中添加重要的证书.

This program is a good fit for anyone interested in getting started in web development. Some basic understanding of HTML, CSS, 和JavaScript is recommended, 但不是必需的.






学费 covers all certificate costs including vouchers for additional 3rd-party certifications.






WGU以其学位课程的高投资回报而闻名. 本证书也不例外. 行业数据, 雇主, and student feedback are used to ensure that all courses remain relevant and effective. WGU证书是为您的未来而设计的. Front end web development courses are fully stackable and transferrable to a WGU College of IT degree program.

The certificate is a self-directed, competency-based program you can complete on your own schedule. We recommend dedicating 15–20 hours per week for six months to complete the program successfully. 

Please note there are no specific hard skills or prerequisite knowledge required for starting this credential. 这是推荐的, 但不是必需的, 使学习者对基础网页设计有一个基本的了解, 编程, 和脚本. 这包括熟悉超文本标记语言(HTML), 层叠样式表(CSS), 和JavaScript. 学习者也不需要任何高级数学背景.


当你浏览一个网站时,你会考虑页面是如何创建的吗? Web开发人员s put a great deal of thought and effort into your digital experience. 他们想要确保它是吸引人的,信息丰富的,无缝的. 在本课程中,您将发现这些开发人员是如何工作的. 当你学习web开发的基础, 您将学习超文本标记语言(HTML)的基础知识。, 可扩展标记语言, 和 级联样式 表(CSS). 这些都是网络的基础语言. 您将使用开发人员工具来排除问题. 您将探索集成开发环境. With these skills, you will be prepared to pursue a career in web development.

Computers play a major role in our world and daily lives—from smartphones to laptops to gaming systems and more. 它们的操作和能力从简单到复杂都有. But there is a common connection among them all: scripting and 编程. This course will equip you with the necessary skills to establish a solid base in scripting and 编程. 您将了解脚本中使用的各种语言. In addition, you will gain an understanding of the logic and outcome of simple algorithms. 有了这些技能,你就能在你的职业生涯中取得进步.

你曾经做过一个需要多次修改的项目吗? 你可能做了一次又一次的改变,但后来你迷失了方向. 然后你团队中的其他人也做出了改变. 你想保留一些修改. 但你想为其他人恢复到原来的状态. 你知道这些细节吗? 如果没有,您将受益于版本控制. 版本控制 is essential for maintaining software and enabling scalability solutions. Any 编程 project that requires multiple files can take advantage of this best practice. 版本控制 empowers teams to have collaborative workflows while also enhancing the software development life cycle. 本课程将帮助您了解版本控制. It introduces the basics of publishing, retrieving, branching, and cloning.

想想你曾经有过的一次积极的网络体验. 所有的功能都很容易操作. 结构是诱人的和吸引人的. 您确切地知道如何使用该应用程序,并且喜欢这样做. 这样的体验依赖于有效的用户界面设计! 在本课程中, you will discover the tools and techniques to produce designs that users can benefit from. 您将学习清晰度、可用性和可检测性的概念. 您将探索配色方案,排版和布局. And you will learn about SEO optimization, wireframing, prototyping, and user testing. 这些技能将使你在网页设计创作中脱颖而出.

你用过手机指路或者在网上购物吗? 如果是这样,那么您使用的应用程序可能依赖于JavaScript. 它是一种脚本语言,用于增强网页. 许多年前,网站是静态的. With the use of JavaScript, however, they are now more dynamic and interactive. 在本课程中, you will explore how to use JavaScript to make websites come alive. To accomplish this, you will learn to work with existing frameworks, content, and assets. In addition, you will discover how to add data capabilities and improve website functionality. 这种脚本语言的某些部分可能看起来很复杂或令人困惑. 但你会一步一步地学习. And by gaining JavaScript skills, you can further your career in web development.

Think of a time when you struggled to navigate a website with a confusing interface design. You might have abandoned it and sought out other websites that were easier to use. 与此形成鲜明对比的是, you have probably visited a website with such a seamless interface that you didn't even notice it. This difference between positive and negative digital experiences is front-end web development. An experienced front-end web developer aims to create an effortless and clear user interface. 目标很简单:让用户在你的网站上保持快乐和参与度. 这样,他们就不会寻找其他选择. This course provides a comprehensive understanding of front-end web development and its concepts. Having a user-friendly interface is crucial in today's online-driven world. With the skills gained from this course, you can take your career to the next level!



如果你还没有准备好完成一个完整的学位课程, 想尝试一下在线学习, 或者需要一种更快的方法来提高你的工资, WGU的证书很适合你. 有证书课程, you can begin any time you want—no need to wait for the first of the month. WGU证书也是自定进度的, 这样你就能尽可能快地掌握材料. +, 证书课程可以转到WGU的学位课程, 这样你准备好了就可以继续学习了.


我们的证书100%在线,没有固定的上课时间. This means you can work on your certificate whenever it makes sense for you and your busy schedule. 你掌握着自己所受教育的主动权.


WGU has deep experience serving learners from a wide range of professional and academic backgrounds. 我们的指令, 训练, and career resources will help you complete your certificate and reach your goals.


我们的证书是3950美元,为期6个月. 其成本在同类项目中极具竞争力, 你会发现WGU的证书非常符合你的需求.



购买价格使您按照所示的期限参加该计划, which is the average time it takes most learners to complete all courses in the program. 如果你在学期的最后一天没有完成你的课程, 您的注册将自动更改为每月499美元的订阅. 届时您提供的信用卡将被扣款, 让你有更多的时间来完成你的课程. 您可以随时取消.






  • Some basic understanding of HTML, CSS, 和JavaScript is recommended, 但不是必需的.
  • 你必须有互联网接入,一台电脑和一个外部网络摄像头.
  • For some courses, you will submit performance assessments for evaluation by our WGU Evaluation team. 你必须在这些评估中达到合格的等级才能通过. 其他课程需要有监考的客观评估. 你将有两次尝试来通过这些考试.
  • The program’s orientation course will introduce you to the full program experience and prepare you for success.
  • 该证书将是自我导向的, 类似于其他WGU基于能力的课程, 让您完成模块的速度,因为你掌握的材料.
  • You are responsible for maintaining your pace toward completion and being self-directed in your coursework.
  • 你应该计划每周花15-20个小时在这个项目上.



Earning this valuable certificate can open the door for an exciting career in virtually any industry or organization that leverages technology. Here are a few roles that can you can be qualified for after earning your 前端Web开发证书. Our Enrollment Counselors can help assess your career aspirations and help you understand how this certificate can support your journey.

  • 前端开发人员
  • Web开发人员
  • 网页设计师
  • UA测试仪
  • 用户体验设计师
  • UI开发人员